Bespoke Software Solutions

Goanna Solutions, together with its partners, provides customers with bespoke software solutions including websites, applications, e-commerce, mobile apps and other platforms - all based on customers' requirements. Goanna Solutions manages the entire process and provides a single point of customer service. Our software solutions partners include:

Enterprise Software Development

Experience Digital (ED) is a Digital Software Development Agency specialising in the planning, design and development of custom software for enterprises and/or entrepreneurs. ED partners on startup software projects together with its parent company, Black Nova Group, a venture building company that invests in startup ventures through its Nebula Program. The collaboration between ED and Black Nova Group has led to the development of a number of successful startup software platforms. Experience Digital has experience in building software applications and ventures in the bio-metrics, healthcare, childcare and engineering space, to name a few. Each industry poses new challenges and problems to overcome, however, we base our processes on a number of core fundamentals as well as a tried and testing development process to ensure we provide the best result for our clients.

OneBlink Smart Forms/App Builder

OneBlink makes it easy for organisations to arm their infield employees and inspectors with custom compliance/audit applications with ‘out of the box’ IoT capability, strong workflow credentials, and tightly integrated with their core business systems.

The OneBlink Smart Forms/App Builder is a collaborative and code-optional development environment. It is unique in its capability to serve the varying needs of your business users, BA's/Project Managers and IT teams, removing duplication of effort and reducing the risk of stalled or failed projects. Non-technical users can quickly develop their own V1 solutions, safe in the knowledge that their IT Teams can support them and extend early work into enterprise compliant V2 apps. OneBlink is 100% Australian owned company with a 14-year history in innovative mobile solutions for Government and enterprise, connecting with their back-end ‘systems of record’.

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