Cloud Infrastructure and Telecommunications

Goanna Solutions provides customers with infrastructure and Cloud services, telephony and the Internet, whether on-premise or in the Cloud. We do this by partnering with leading telecommunications and Cloud services companies to enable our customers to harness the power of these technologies and solutions to drive their businesses. Our infrastructure and Cloud services partners include:

Tello - Bundled Broadband and Mobile Service Provider

Tello is a new ISP that understands what the Internet means to you and business. We reduce your IT complexity by providing Internet & network services that are designed to work with your IT ecosystem so you can successfully use the cloud and cutting edge Internet technologies. With end-to-end visibility and control, Tello assists you to achieve a consolidated IT&T that realises the benefits of technology and increased reliability. We deliver secure network connections as a managed service that;

  • Give you high speed access to the Internet and online services.
  • Simplify IT and give you access to technology that was previously cost prohibitive.
  • Reduce your IT equipment footprint to Increase your return on investment
  • Create opportunities to use new online services.
  • Give you control over how you use the Internet

Tello gives you national private networks, telecommuting capabilities, access to assured cloud; pre-integrated network services at the same price as traditional business grade Internet connections.

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