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Providing you with expert on-hire staffing solutions.

Human Resourcing

The on-hire staffing solutions portion of our business is centred on tailored offerings for existing clients across 4 States (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS) with plans for expansion into ACT and SA forthcoming.

We are pleased to offer our clients skilled and capable people via our on-hire staffing solutions. We have a range of models to suit most needs, including:

  • Contracts – Fixed Term, Ongoing and Non-Ongoing Contracts
  • Labour Hire – Project, Campaign and Ongoing Contract
  • Staff Augmentation and Demand Surge Staffing
  • Team Engagement and Management and Temporary Assignments

Owing to our expertise in technology and the digital realm, our on-hire services reflect that same focus.

This specialisation means we can be confident that the workers we offer our on-hire clients have been subject to the same kind of professional rigour that we apply to our own staffing needs – through this approach we can guarantee that we will not send a worker to a client that we would not be happy to have working on one of our own projects or initiatives.


Our methodology for sourcing, attracting and assessing (including verifying the skills, qualifications and experience) of candidates is central to the service we provide. The material below outlines our approach to each of these aspects:


The Goanna Solutions talent sourcing approach is the way that viable candidates are identified to address our talent demand pipeline. This strategy is composed of multiple candidate sourcing techniques, which are typically used in combination to maximise results. The way in which these methods are used depends upon a wide array of factors, some of which include:

  • The types of candidates needed
  • The preferences of the hiring client/s
  • Past success (or lack of success) using the method or channel.

We source great talent through a variety of channels, including:

  • Sourcing candidates through our talent database
  • Sourcing candidates through social media
  • Sourcing candidates through online job postings
  • Sourcing candidates via referral
  • Sourcing candidates through our recruiter network


To attract top talent, the job description we create must be clear and positioned in a way that sets the assignment apart from the competition. Being specific with the job description can help weed out candidates that won’t be suitable for the role and who are simply applying for any position that is somewhat relevant. The clearer we are with what the role entails and what our client expectations are of the candidate, the higher our clients’ chance will be of assigning the ideal person to carry out the duties outlined.

Also, in a highly competitive job market, it is important to position the available role and the company differently from other job offerings. Good workers know their worth, so to get them on-board we adopt tactics to establish unique perspectives and provides the best value. For example, we can use our expertise to profile the potential future trajectory of their career should they take this assignment. We also seek to establish with our clients any other unique “pull” factors – benefits/perks etc – that the assignment may offer. This helps to sweeten the deal and make your available position more appealing than the others.

Other mechanisms that we apply in our approach to attracting sought after resources includes:

  • Employee referrals.
  • Emphasise any host employer brand and company culture factors.
  • Emphasise any work flexibility factors that might be on offer.
  • Emphasise any site-specific factors such as the skill profile and expertise of co-workers.
  • Emphasise any professional development opportunities that may be pertinent.



We conduct a comprehensive assessment of prospective talent and help our clients to identify workers that will deliver value to their business. The Goanna Solutions talent assessment process includes the following elements:

  • Position and Competency Analysis.
  • Talent Interviews by a Goanna Solutions consultants with experience in relevant field.
  • Talent Matrix Report to rank order candidates.


Replacement Guarantee

Ask about our replacement guarantee for workers recruited and placed as labour hire assignments.

We stand by our service.