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Building equity and diversity in the ICT industry.


Goanna Solutions keeps people connected to the digital landscape.

One objective of Goanna Solutions is to to ensure First Australian people, communities and enterprises participate in the digital economy. To achieve this objective we work to build a framework in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education so that employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities can be attained, and the associated empowering benefits associated with these are realised.

Goanna Solutions, has partnered with a world-leading technology partner to develop a comprehensive training, education and employment program – named, the Yapang Program.

What is the Yapang Program?

Yapang translates as ‘pathway’ from the Dunghutti language belonging to the First Australian peoples from the Macleay Valley of New South Wales.

The program is just that – a pathway for people from a range of diverse backgrounds (such as First Australians, Defence veterans, or Women) who might not otherwise get the opportunity to start a career in technology.

They will be provided with a world-class foundation for that journey with education, training, employment and career support.

The Program has been developed to address the two sets of inter-related needs:

  • People that need the latest and most relevant digital skills to perform technology roles so that they can participate and thrive in the burgeoning digital economy
  • Organisations that have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) technology but have found that demand for people with technology skills exceeds the supply, and this is hampering their organisational initiatives or objectives.

Goanna Solutions will deliver eight Yapang programs in 2020-21 in both Sydney and Melbourne. Each Yapang program cohort of up to 25 students will be independently established and operated with appropriate facilities, personnel, equipment and training.

Am I qualified for the Yapang Program?

Ideal participants are people who have a passion and aptitude that will allow them to embrace every aspect of the program, and their bright new future as a technology professional.

The Yapang Program is both comprehensive and intense – the selection criteria and enrolment processes that are applied to participants will ensure that people with a clear and unwavering commitment to the program’s objectives and the anticipated outcomes.

Participants will be expected to have appropriate levels of language, literacy and numeracy.

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