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Your trusted people and technology solutions partner

Goanna Solutions is an Indigenous Australian-owned enterprise providing clients with information technology-based training, and labour-hire services Australia wide, as well as an array of innovative, secure and intuitive technology solutions including software solutions, hardware deployments, consulting services and cyber-security offerings.

Our Services

Design and Content
Professional and Technical Services
Human Resourcing

Our Social Mission

While Indigenous Australians have been inventive for over 60,000 years, unless more is done to assist in closing the digital gap, there is a real risk that their communities may not be able to fully participate in the new Digital Era. 

The Indigenous-owners of Goanna Solutions have developed a range of culturally appropriate pathways by which Indigenous people, communities & enterprises can:

Find Digital Support

Ensure that Indigenous Australians are aware of the opportunities available to them and provide support in their goals.

Become Active Users

Encourage participation and growth of supportive communities in the digital landscape.

Gain Digital Knowledge

Enable Indigenous Australians to reach their full potential through further education pathways.